Apple AirPods Pro Cases

Biodegradable White Eco Friendly AirPods Pro Case
Eco Friendly AirPods Case
19,99 €
Biodegradable Black Eco Friendly AirPods Pro Case
Eco Friendly AirPods Case
19,99 €

AirPods Pro Cases - Premium Cases for the high-end version of the popular headphones

The wireless Bluetooth headphones from Apple revolutionized the market in 2016. Initially ridiculed because of their appearance, many quickly came to appreciate the advantages of the AirPods. No more annoying cable tangling, lightning-fast connection via Bluetooth, and flawless sound created powerful sales arguments. As expected, other brands quickly launched similar products to the market. The third generation of Apple headphones is now available, and a high-end version, the AirPods Pro, has also been available since 2019.

For the cases, in which the headphones can be recharged even when not in use, we at caseable offer sustainable AirPods Pro cases with which you can upgrade the style of the charging cradle. Visually, they also match the eco-friendly phone cases that we offer for all common iPhone models.

Practice sustainability with our AirPods Pro Cases

What we are particularly proud of is that with the trendy AirPods Pro cases, we also keep our ecological footprint low. Our eco-friendly AirPods Pro cases are mostly made from plants and renewable resources, such as corn starch or bamboo, and are sent to you plastic-free. They are also biodegradable

Further advantages of our Apple AirPods Pro cases

Easy installation

The covers are extremely durable and easy to attach. They consist of two parts. The first is placed over the lid, and the other is placed over the body of the charging cradle.

Stylish appearance in 2 colors

The AirPods Pro cases are currently available in black and white - they are also covered with brown dots, making an attractive visual impression. 

High quality protective function

The AirPods Pro case not only looks good, it also protects your charging cradle from scratches and breaks, should it fall out of your hand and land on the floor.

Practical eyelet on the lid

There is also an eyelet on the upper part of our AirPods Pro cases, which you can use to attach the case to your keychain or something similar.

At caseable we specialize in offering you the best protective cases for your electronic devices. Do you have other Apple products? Then take a look at what we have in our collection for you: In addition to cell phone cases, you can order stylish MacBook cases or practical iPad cases from us, all of which you can design yourself with your own photos. This not only gives your favorite devices a personalized element, but is also ideal for customized gifts.