Apple iPhone X Cases

Apple iPhone X cases from caseable - Even the best iPhone needs protection

For a long time we had been waiting for this moment: The 10th anniversary of the iPhone! And Apple thought all good things come in threes, and in addition to the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which follow the classic numbering, then also introduced the iPhone X: It was the best smartphone ever to date and is still very good today - so you should definitely equip it directly with an Apple iPhone X case as well. Avoid annoying scratches in the display or repulsions at the edges and let the beautiful smartphone always look like new - our protective phone cases for iPhone X take care of that!

But what can the top phone do? The iPhone X responds not only to taps and voice, but also to looks. In addition, the camera can mirror muscle movements and facial expressions - so you can slip into the role of one of 12 Animojis, or even unlock your smartphone with Face ID. Additionally, the iPhone X is wirelessly chargeable, so you can charge it at charging stations in airports or hotels by simply laying it on top. 

But the biggest and most revolutionary innovation was that it's a full-display smartphone. No more home button, just sturdy glass, on the front and back. Elegance thus has a name. However, to keep the display so flawlessly beautiful for a long time, you should order an iPhone X case and maybe additionally rely on a screen protector. 

Find the right Apple iPhone X case for you!

The 5.8" Retina display is a must-have for real design lovers: It inspires with impressive colors and a perfect contrast ratio. But also the pictures that can be shot with the 12 megapixel dual camera leave nothing to be desired! Shoot fantastic photos and have them printed directly onto your new iPhone X case. How does that work? Easy as pie! 

To design your own Apple iPhone X phone case, simply upload your desired photo in our store and place it on the iPhone case shown in white at the beginning. Arrange the image according to your wishes and add short texts or a date. We will do the printing and send you your new iPhone X phone case quickly and conveniently.

Great designs for your phone case: iPhone X in great designs

In addition to your own design, you can also get your Apple iPhone X case with a motif from us. Just take a look at the many beautiful designs we have in our portfolio and choose your favorite among them. We offer the most popular designs not only for cell phone cases, but also for many other products, such as MacBook cases or laptop sleeves for devices from many other manufacturers.