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Screen Protector Apple iPhone 13
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Screen Protector Apple iPhone 14
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Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10
Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S10
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Screen Protector for Huawei P30 Pro
Screen Protector Huawei P30 Pro
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Screen Protector: make your display scratch proof!

Have you bought a new smartphone or tablet but forgot to include a screen protector? Then it’s high time to change that. When a display is cracked, the notorious spider effect can spread across your screen faster than you can imagine. Oftentimes you don't even have to drop it on the floor or hit the edge of a table. In unfavorable cases, it’s enough just for the key in your pocket to press too hard against the sensitive glass, resulting in an ugly scratch that can go so far as to deteriorate the functionality of the smartphone.

To counteract this, a screen protector for mobile phones and tablets is the ideal solution: Our screen protectors stick easily onto the display, thus forming a second layer. Of course, you can still use the display as normal, except that you don't come into direct contact with it, making contact with the screen protector instead. This does not impact usage at all! The screen protector can be removed from the display without leaving any residue and replaced with a new screen protector - a much cheaper solution than taking your tablet or smartphone for repair to have the destroyed display replaced!

However, you shouldn't forget to also protect your device with a cell phone case or tablet case to protect the back as well. We offer cases for many models, and our selection of iPhone cases is especially large. You’ll also find many screen protectors for Amazon devices, especially tablets.

What are the advantages of a screen protector?

The advantages of a screen protector can be easily summarized and do not have to be weighed against any disadvantages - there are none! Here are the most important pros for you at a glance:

The screen protector covers the entire display and is uniquely tailored to your respective device so that it can be used without restriction.

If the protection breaks (or you want to remove it for another reason), you can do so without leaving any residue on the display.

The cost is much lower than that for a display replacement!

Thanks to the slim design, there is hardly any difference in height

It’s recommended to attach a mobile phone case to the smartphone or tablet case in addition to the screen protector. Doing so allows you to not only protect the screen, but also the natural beauty of your device. Our cases can be decorated with many different designs and even customized yourself! Consider getting one of our super slim silicone cases, an ultra-strong premium cell phone case, or have a look at our selection of other cell phone cases.

To further protect your device, you can also take a look at our ring holders. The super handy accessories can be glued to the cell phone case and are extremely strong. If you slide your finger through the loop, the mobile phone can no longer fall out of your hand - a great addition to the screen protector and works not only on mobile phone cases but on all tablet cases as well.