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5-piece Klettie set Single Klettie

Licensed Designs

Discover our popular license motifs like Sorgenfresser, Die drei ???, Bibi & Tina, etc.

5-piece Klettie set Single Klettie

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With our 5-piece Klettie sets*

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ergobag Kletties in many cute children's designs

best thing about the innovative ergobag backpacks for children are probably the cute Kletties - small, round badges that can be attached with Velcro to the Velcro surfaces provided. The ergobag Kletties can be easily exchanged, so your child can redesign the backpack again and again without having to buy a new school bag.

Here at caseable, you can choose from a variety of cute designs and popular kids brands: Discover our Kletties from Bibi & Tina, Sendung mit der Maus, YAKARI, the Sorgenfresser and many more brands. What's more, you can not only buy the motifs individually, but many of the Kletties are also available in sets of five - ideal for sharing with friends or as a gift.

ergobag Kletties easy to design yourself

Of course it will be especially individual if you take your chance to design original ergobag Kletties yourself - very easy in our configurator. Whether you want to create your own Klettie set or just customize a single Klettie, it's easy with us.

Whether it's a self-painted picture, a vacation snapshot or the photo of your beloved hamster: You can upload any motif in the design tool and have us print it on your Kletties. In just a short time, we will take care of the production and send you your self-designed Kletties. This way you can make your ergobag extra individual - and it's even more fun!