ZACO Skins with many great designs ZACO robotic vaccuum cleaner with skin in the living room

ZACO Robot Cleaners: Stylish Design

For years, ZACO’s robot cleaners have helped millions of people keep their living environment clean and pleasant. Their wide range of products ensures that you find a robot vacuum cleaner to suit your lifestyle. The ‘A-series’ robots are experts in carpet cleaning, adapting to different room surfaces with their intelligent panoramic navigation and optimal route planning. The ‘V-series’ vacuums work as a 2 in 1 cleaning device. The ‘V3s Pro’ is an extremely powerful suction robot, specifically designs to vacuum animal hair. ZACO robots return to their base automatically to recharge and can be programmed to work at specific times. Thanks to their large capacity battery they can work for 2 hours at a time!

ZACO x caseable: Useful Device, Unique Designs

With caseable, you can bring a touch of individuality to your home devices! You can choose from more than 2000 designs to transform your robot cleaner into a personalized design object. Our international platform of artists and partners offer many unique designs to keep your vacuum cleaner on trend! From futuristic designs by our artist Spires, mysterious artworks by Lisa Parker or Mukta Lata Barua’s trendy tropical pieces – there is a design to suit everyone! Express your individuality through our original artist designs, all made to order from our hydro-powered production site in Germany.

Get Creative: Customize Your Own ZACO!

You can customize your ZACO using our quick and easy to use design tool. Simply place a photo or image of your desired design into the red frame on our customization tool. Get creative, as the possibilities are endless! Getting tired of the design? No problem! Our stickers are easily fixed and removed without any damage or marks left behind. You can change your style again and again. Buy and customize your robot vacuum cleaner today to have a clean, fresh and stylish interior.