Eco Friendly MagSafe Case

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Eco-Friendly MagSafe Cases From caseable - Be an Ecological Step Ahead!

With the MagSafe functionality, Apple has once again shown itself to be innovative. Magnetic objects can be attached using small, ring-shaped magnets on the back of the device: This can be a charger, but also a variety of other practical gadgets such as holders for the car or wallets. The popular feature can already be used with the iPhones of the newer generations. But be careful - when buying your iPhone case, make sure that it is a MagSafe phone case if you want to use the feature. If the case is too thick - the magnetic attraction will not be enough. With our sustainable MagSafe cases, you can be sure that you can use everything to the full extent. 

With Our MagSafe Cases Sustainability Is Guaranteed

Just like our sustainable AirPods cases and other eco-friendly phone cases that we offer for the older models before the iPhone 14 generation, our MagSafe charging cases are made from renewable resources such as bamboo and are biodegradable (the metal ring inside has to be removed and recycled separately). They nestle perfectly to the fit of your unique model and stay super tight to ensure that your iPhone is always safe in the event of an accident.

Of course, material is left out of all important points to preserve maximum functionality. The camera, all controls, and the charging socket can still be used. The MagSafe case only offers you advantages and no restrictions.

Innovative Design: This Is What the MagSafe Cases Look Like

We are currently offering the environmentally friendly MagSafe cases in black. Its bioplastic is speckled with small brown dots, which gives the cases a sustainable but also modern aesthetic. They are elastic and are therefore very easy to attach to the iPhone. In addition, the material is excellent in the hand and is slip-resistant to avoid falls from the height of your hands.

We currently offer our MagSafe cases for all iPhone 14 generation devices. If MagSafe is not that important to you, but you prefer a hard case, a silicone case or another variant, you will find the other best-selling cases for the individual models here: