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Wallet Phone Case

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Stylish wallet phone cases with great prints!

With our practical wallet phone cases, you can kill three birds with one stone. Not only do they look extremely stylish with their printed front, they also protect against scratches and breaks. And on top of all that, they offer space for cards and banknotes so that you don't have to take a wallet with you. These are just a few of the many arguments in favor of buying a wallet phone case.

Our cardholder phone cases are durable wallet cases that are kept tightly closed with a magnetic clasp. The back of the phone case is made of elegant synthetic leather, while the front is the canvas for your favorite design. As you already know from our other products, you can either choose one of our many designs or get creative and customize your photo phone case with your own pictures.

Secure inner compartments for cards and banknotes

Thanks to the wallet mobile phone case, you can confidently do without taking your wallet with you everywhere, because everything important will find its place in the case. There are practical inner compartments on the inside of the front cover so that you can store bills, ID cards, and other important cards. The smartphone itself is clicked into the integrated hard case and is held securely protected within it.

Another perk is that even if your smartphone is in the wallet case, the wireless charging capability for your device can still be used without restrictions. We offer the wallet cases for numerous models of popular smartphones, such as for Samsung or Huawei devices or as iPhone cases.

Design your own wallet phone case or choose a top design from caseable

Choose between a large selection of great designs from the latest trends and have your favorite design printed on the front of the case. The high-resolution print in Ultra HD quality is resistant to external influences and stays like new for a long time! You can also choose your own photos as a custom design for your wallet case. Upload the photo you want to use and place it on the cover the way you want it to be printed. If necessary, add a short text, and then send the order. We’ll produce your wallet phone case just for you and send it in no time. 

Are you looking for a different case model? We also have slim silicone cases, sustainable plant-based phone cases and much more - just take a look around and find the phone case that suits you best!