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You have a great photo of you and your sweetheart that would be perfect as a design for a phone case? Then design using the image in our design tool two great couple phone cases. There are no limits to our design tool. You can either create two identical pairs of mobile phone cases that show each of you together, or you can divide the design into two halves, which, when placed next to each other, form a whole. Of course, you can also create the phone cases for couples with your name or year to make them even more romantic and individual. The chic couple phone cases are also a great gift idea for an anniversary, in case you are still looking for a personal present.

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Couple Phone Cases Couple Phone Cases

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If you do not have a suitable photo of both of you at hand to design your own pair of mobile phone cases yourself, you can choose from a number of designs in our shop. We've put together a set of coordinated, romantic designs in a collection that you can use as both a partner mobile phone case and a design for friend’s phone case. Just click through the collection and choose your favourite among them.

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