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We offer stylish and protective iPad covers for all models. Awesome designs are waiting for you - or you can design them yourself! Take your time to discover your favorites or create the design that will make you and your iPad smile!

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How to find which model you have

The model number always begins with an A and can be found on the back of your iPad. If the back is scratched or hard to see, you can also find out the number using the settings app.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad
  2. Go to the "General" section
  3. Then select "About"
  4. The entry "Model" will appear in the list
  5. Click on the entry to display the A number

Once you've found your model number, you can search for it in the drop-down below to find out the name of your device:

Select Model
A2777 – Apple iPad (10th Gen.) A2766 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (6th Gen.) A2764 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (6th Gen.) A2757 – Apple iPad (10th Gen.)A2696 – Apple iPad (10th Gen.)A2605 – Apple iPad (9th Gen.) A2604 – Apple iPad (9th Gen.) A2603 – Apple iPad (9th Gen.) A2602 – Apple iPad (9th Gen.) A2591 – Apple iPad Air (5th Gen.) A2589 – Apple iPad Air (5th Gen.) A2588 – Apple iPad Air (5th Gen.) A2569 - Apple iPad mini (6th Gen.) A2568 - Apple iPad mini (6th Gen.) A2567 - Apple iPad mini (6th Gen.) A2462 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen.) A2461 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen.) A2460 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (3rd Gen.) A2459 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (3rd Gen.) A2437 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (6th Gen.) A2436 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (6th Gen.) A2430 – Apple iPad (8th Gen.) A2429 – Apple iPad (8th Gen.) A2428 – Apple iPad (8th Gen.) A2379 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen.) A2378 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (5th Gen.) A2377 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (3rd Gen.) A2325 – Apple iPad Air (4th Gen.) A2324 – Apple iPad Air (4th Gen.) A2316 – Apple iPad Air (4th Gen.) A2301 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (3rd Gen.) A2270 – Apple iPad (8th Gen.) A2233 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Gen.) A2232 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Gen.) A2231 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (2nd Gen.) A2230 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (2nd Gen.) A2229 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Gen.) A2228 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (2nd Gen.) A2200 – Apple iPad (7th Gen.) A2198 – Apple iPad (7th Gen.) A2197 – Apple iPad (7th Gen.) A2154 – Apple iPad Air (3rd Gen.) A2153 – Apple iPad Air (3rd Gen.) A2152 – Apple iPad Air (3rd Gen.) A2133 – Apple iPad mini (5th Gen.) A2126 – Apple iPad mini (5th Gen.) A2125 – Apple iPad mini (5th Gen.) A2124 – Apple iPad mini (5th Gen.) A2123 – Apple iPad Air (3rd Gen.) A2072 – Apple iPad Air (4th Gen.) A2069 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (4th Gen.) A2068 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (2nd Gen.) A2013 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen.) A1980 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen.) A1979 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen.) A1954 – Apple iPad (6th Gen.) A1934 – Apple iPad Pro 11" (1st Gen.) A1893 – Apple iPad (6th Gen.) A1823 – Apple iPad (5th Gen.) A1822 – Apple iPad (5th Gen.) A1709 – Apple iPad Pro 10.5" (2017) A1701 – Apple iPad Pro 10.5" (2017) A1675 – Apple iPad Pro 9.7" (2016) A1674 – Apple iPad Pro 9.7" (2016) A1673 – Apple iPad Pro 9.7" (2016) A1671 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd Gen.) A1670 – Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd Gen.) A1567 – Apple iPad Air 2 (2014) A1566 – Apple iPad Air 2 (2014) A1476 – Apple iPad Air (2013) A1475 – Apple iPad Air (2013) A1474 – Apple iPad Air (2013)

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Safe and Secure Shopping
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30-day Return Policy
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Printed with 100% Solar Energy
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Large selection of iPad cases - Dress your iPad in style!

Apple is not only one of the most recognizable brands in the world when it comes to smartphones and laptops. They pioneered the tablet craze and continue to lead in innovation with every new generation they release. We offer a robust selection of protective iPad cases for all generations, including kids iPad cases, which keep your device protected while supporting and even enhancing the iPad’s practical features (regardless if it's an iPad Pro, iPad mini, or iPad Air case). You can also use all of our Apple iPad cases as stands that allow for hands-free use in landscape format. So you can put the iPad down and watch your films and series comfortably while sitting or lying down without having to hold anything. Our Apple tablet cases will securely hold your iPad in place, guaranteed!

We offer a giant selection of great designs for your iPad cover at caseable

With us, you will find different iPad case models: The classic covers are designed to resemble book covers and are extremely versatile. Your device is held firmly in this iPad case with elastic rubber bands. In addition, we offer “smart cases” for your iPad that have an added sleep / wake function integrated with a foldable front cover.

With the many designs in our shop, you can give the iPad covers a finishing touch. If you’re looking for cute iPad cases, you’ve come to the right place. Discover playful, colorful designs or choose an elegant, simple motif to decorate your new iPad case. Unlike other case companies, we encourage you to get creative. Upload your own pictures in our design tool and let us print them on your iPad case in high resolution.

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Thinking of going with one of our classic iPad cases in book form? Great choice! Our cases not only grab attention on the outside - the inside is just as impressive. The reinforced structure with multi-layer padding and its protective neoprene layer protects the iPad from scratches, accidents, and other damage to the display and on all sides. In addition, the shape of the case lies perfectly in the hand. Ergonomic, defensive, and as unique as you are: Our iPad sleeves are equipped with inner pockets that can be used to hold cards or notes.

The intelligent sleep-wake function, which is integrated within the smart iPad Cases, makes your life easier. With it, the iPad automatically goes into sleep mode after use as soon as you close the front. The cases even offer an iPad pencil holder to prevent you from losing the innovative stylus! We offer these cases as iPad Air cases, iPad Pro cases, and as cases for many of the other iPad models. Get yours now! In addition, we also have MacBook cases and iPhone cases.