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Our cases are fully biodegradable and sustainable.

348 Million Tons of Plastic

That is the approximate amount of plastic that is produced worldwide every year - and the trend is rising. An enormous amount of it ends up in the world's oceans, destroying the habitats of fish, animals and plants. Help our planet by reducing your plastic consumption. You can do this by choosing our biodegradable AirPods cases today!

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We offer cases for different generations of AirPods & AirPods Pro.

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Eco-Friendly AirPods Cases - Environmentally Friendly Protection for Your Apple Headphones

With its AirPods, Apple had achieved yet another highlight in 2016. The practical Bluetooth headphones are wireless and can therefore be worn without a large tangle of cables, performing functions with a simple tap. With this, Apple both revolutionized the market and broadened its portfolio. The 3rd generation of AirPods is now on the market, as well as an AirPods Pro 2 version with a slightly larger ear insert and noise suppression. With us you can get a sustainable AirPods cover with which you can make the associated charging case more stylish. 

AirPods Cases in Different Colors

Our sustainable AirPods cases are not only the best solution if you want to keep your ecological footprint low, they also look really good. You can order them from us in black or white, both of which are also sprinkled with brown dots. Not only do you reformat your case into a sustainable product, but you also transform them into an attractive accessory.

The AirPods cases also feel good and are easy to grip in the hand. Due to their material, they are also easy to bend and therefore extremely easy to attach to the case of the AirPods. The AirPods cases consist of two parts, whereby one is placed over the lower body of the case and the other is attached to the lid. There is also a practical strap on the body so that you can attach your AirPods case to a chain if you want.

Made From Plants: Ecological AirPods Cases

The beautiful AirPods cases are mostly made from plants, such as bamboo and corn starch, and thus use renewable resources. They are 100% biodegradable and are therefore environmentally friendly! This model of AirPods cases is the ideal choice if you want sustainability but don't want to neglect your sense of aesthetics.

Do you like our sustainable AirPods cases? Then take a look at our eco-friendly phone cases. We offer them for all common iPhone models - and also in different colors. Regardless of whether you have the iPhone 8 or are looking for an iPhone 12 Pro Max case, with these cases you protect your cell phone from accidents and dress it to match your AirPods case